Sunday, 19 April 2015

Family day out... Apple Jack Adventure Park Review

After a recommendation from a friend I purchased a voucher on Group on for £16.95 ( normal price £29.95) for Apple Jacks in South Warrington. This voucher covers two adults and two children but as a family if one adult and two children it was still cheaper than paying on the door.  

We were fortunate enough to have chosen a really nice spring for our planned visit (although I did check the weather forcast in advance before booking).

Apple Jacks was easy to find... Just off the M6 junction 20 although personally I did use google maps. We arrived at 10.25; give minutes before opening time and there were already a few families queuing. A queue began to quickly form before the doors openned at 10.30 but nothing too excessive.

When we arrived we headed straight for the zip wire and obviously I was delighted to learn adults could also ride this. The ride was well staffed by friendly attendants with close attention to safety and queue etiquette.

Following this we headed for 'the eliminator' which is a kind of bouncy castle arrangement where you stand on an inflatable platform and swing a big punch ball to try and knock off your opponents. Again this attraction was well staffed ensuring that people queued fairly and no one went over their 3 minute time. Once again I was very happy I could join this activity with the kids.

We then decided to give the roller rink a go. My 7 year old found this hard but my 8 year old daughter got the hang of it and I felt like a 13 year old again wizzing round until my kids told me to stop showing off. After all this activity I was ready for a coffee so I grabbed one while the kids went on the inflatable pillow for a bounce. Sadly it was only instant coffee not my favourite costa or Starbucks but I suppose for £1.50 I can't complain! 

I must admit I did have a bit of a bounce on the inflatable pillow before the kids and I headed to the 'drop slide' an inflatable slide which looked like the kind you get in the town centre at school holidays. I asked if I could go on too... Obviously to make sure my 7 year old could manage it and was made up when they said I could. However I didn't realise it was a totally free fall drop! Not wanting to appear a wimp in front of the kids or attendant obviously I had to continue and go down it! What great fun!! 

Other attractions we enjoyed were the adventure playground, archery, tennis ball blasting, haystack mountain and fence maize. Sadly the huge maize maze was under construction but it looks great on the website. 

At the end of our visit we managed to get on the adventure hayride, a tractor and trailor ride around the park which was a good end to the trip! 

All in all it was a great day and the best thing was I joined in and got involved too rather than sitting on my phone or reading like I normally would at parks or play centres.

So here are some recommendations if you decide to visit:

1. Get there early so you can get on stuff before queues build up. Although to be fare there was never much queuing. We went on everything several times and didn't have to wait more than 5 minutes absolute maximum. It's worth getting there early to get a full day though

2.pick a nice day... Or at least a dry one as it is a fully outdoor park.

3. Take a picnic. There is only a small food area and it was predominately burgers, sausage etc with quite slow service 

4. If you are an adult get involved too... Go on everything! It's great fun!

5. Try and book via groupon to save money.

Here is what I loved best about the park 

1. Range of fun attractions for all the family

2. Nice location with plenty of open space

3. Very friendly staff with attention to safety and fair queuing systems 

4. Enough attractions to ensure minimal queuing

5. Once you get in everything is free. 

Here are the downfalls...

1. Rather long rough track to get to the park which isn't great to drive down.

2. Towards end of the day toilets were a bit grubby with rather dubious looking liquid on the floor in some cubicles 

3. Maize maze was not open and looked really good fun

4. Lack of choice in food hall although easy enough to bring a picnic 

So there we go. My first review. Would definitely recomed a visit . Here are some pictures ..

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