Sunday, 22 June 2014

More of my favourite things...

I haven't updated here in ages as I always seem to know what I want to write about but struggle to actually word it! I guess practise makes perfect so I should make the effort more often. Especially now I have the app on my phone.
Anyway I thought I would ease myself back in with a straight forward post about some of my prized possessions in my makeup

Firstly, I adore my three Urban decay palates; naked, naked 2 and smoked. I recently invested in naked as it contained two of my favourite shades, virgin and half baked as well as many other beautiful shades like sin and side car. There are some fab YouTube tutorials on using this and the other two palates! 

Secondly in this picture, you will see my MAC studio sculpt foundations in 4 shades which I tend to use on clients as they can be mixed to achieve an ideal shade (hint McDonald's stirrers are great mixers and the white paper cups which sauce can be dispensed into make great mixing containers). These foundations give a medium to full coverage while still feeling light.

However, my personal favourite foundation is Estée Lauder double wear . It gives me enough coverage to tone down my freckles without making my skin look too flat. Eventually I will buy more shades to use on clients as I build up my business as I think it is better for maturer skin than the MAC studio sculpt.

In this picture here I must firstly give a special mention to my favourite gel polish of the moment... flower blossom by NSI polish pro. It's such a pretty pink girlie colour which complements any outfit.
Now onto the brushes. I did done research reading other blogs in search of good dupes for MAC brushes with a lower price tag. These four, I feel, do a perfect job. From left to right they are... A wide, flat brush by GOSH which is great for packing shadow onto the lid, a chubby fluffier shading brush by crown which is also great for applying base colour to the lid but also for blending too as it's thicker and fluffier than the GOSH. Next there is a bullet shaped brush by crown which is great for adding detail to the socket line and creating a smokey eye. The final brush by GOSH does a similar job but with a softer effect as it us a fuller, fluffier brush.

Ok so that was my first post in ages... It wasn't actually too bad once I got into it!