Thursday, 19 March 2015

another gym update

It has been almost 3 months since I embarked on my New Years gym resolution. I'm pretty pleased with myself that not a week has gone by in 2015 that I have not managed at least 3 visits a week.
I'm not really on a mission to lose weight so my goal weight wise is to stay under 9st 6. My weight varies by about 3lbs throughout the week anyway. More importantly though my aim is to develop muscle tone and gain in strength and fitness.
I have been doing the same routine for a while now and while I feel I am quite fit in terms of cardio vascular exercise; as soon as anything requires any strength I struggle. I am so jealous when I see people doing squats and lunges with weights and press ups and burpees.
So I have decided to change my workout a bit. As the weather improves I want to replace gym workouts without door running so In preparation I will do 25 minutes on the treadmill (plus 5 warm up and 5 cool down) gradually increasing the length of time I can run for. Today I began by 5 minutes run, 2 minute walk on a low incline 5 minutes run etc.... Following this I will be using arm and leg machines then finally abdominal work.
I have ordered a DVD too... Charlotte Crosby 3 minute belly blast so on my non gym days I will do a couple of workouts from this.