Friday, 17 April 2015

Curly Hair...


Having been blessed/cursed with naturally very curly hair I have spent a large amount of time searching for the perfect hair care products. I have tried many different ones from cheap own brand ones to expensive professional products but have always returned to John Frieda. 

While I like a number of his products, the two I cannot live without are Frizz Ease unwind curls and extra strength hair serum 

My routine with these products is pretty easy and simple as with my hair I have found the less I do with it the better it looks in it's curly state. I simply shampoo,  then condition (combing the conditioner through) my hair and then prior to drying I apply about three pumps of serum right through to the ends. I then wrap a towel round my hair while I get dried then simply comb my hair then apply the unwind cream with my fingers... No scrunching, I just run my fingers through with it on. Then I leave it. No hair dryer or anything as the dryer dries my hair right out.

This has been pretty much my hair care routine for the curly look since I stopped wearing it in a French plait or bun in my late teens! 

This is the only picture I could find but that is pretty much my curly look.

I do at times like a change so in order to achieve straight hair I follow the same routine, let my hair dry naturally, apply a heat protecting spray and use my GHDs
I recently purchased a hair extension piece (syn half wig in blondette) from hair rehab London which I like to use to add volume and length. I always clip bits back though and back comb them just a little as my face is quite thin so having it all down drags my face down and makes it look even longer.

Finally a third look I like to do is to use my curling tongs to achieve waves (that's right I straighten only to recurl again). I use some really cheap Nicky Clark Tongs I got off eBay about 7 years ago but they do the job. All I do is curl sections and clip a bit back then put on a ton of hair spray,! 

So these are my three main hair looks. Most of the time however it does get scraped back into a pony tail or bun in between washes! 

To anyone with curly hair... I would certainly recommend these two John Frieda products x

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