Monday, 4 January 2016

12 month challenge

I am stealing this idea from a Facebook friend as I am so keen on self improvement and positivity at the moment.
Basically the idea is to pledge to take on a specific challenge each month which will enhance my life in some way. Here are my 12 challenges. I have yet to decide which month will be dedicated to which.
1. Read with the kids each night 
2. Exercise each day
3. Eat a piece of fruit each day
4. Read a chapter of a book each day
5. Fake tan once a week
6. Try one new recipe each week
7. Walk at lunch time at work
8. Have a family games night once a week
9. Finish decorating the hall way
10. Do something creative (e.g. colouring, drawing, make a hair bobble daily)
11. Write one blog post a day
12. Start watching a box set

So this month I am going to start with the exercise one. By daily exercise sometimes it will be a gym visit others it will be simply a set or two of sit ups or squats. 
Excited to get started x

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