Monday, 19 January 2015

My New Purchase

After seeing lots of recommendations and pictures on instagram I decided to invest in this Breville active Smoothie maker. I bought it from Very(£24.99) in order to pay in installments but it can be bought cheaper from places like Argos or Asda.

As I am always rushing around and pushed for time what attracted me to it most was the lack of mess and cleaning-the smoothie can simply be blended in its storage flask so all you need to wash after making it is the blender bit (then obviously the flask after drinking it.

It only came today but I have made myself a banana, coconut milk, kiwi, apple, blue berry and grape blend with honey and wheatgrass in. I hope it will keep ok in the fridge over night!

My only concern is the cost of the fruit-I'm lazy so I have been buying ready prepared stuff. However, I guess I am now spending less on things like wine, coffee and cakes and am trying to take my lunch to work every day and eat in the house with the kids rather than grabbing lunch out and about.

I'll post an update on how its going but I think it will be a great way to introduce more fruit into my diet as well as some super food powders like wheat grass and barley grass


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